So I have a stupid long title because I enjoy such things and references!


But anways it's rude to just show up and not introduce yourself.

KUNICHIHA! I am Xanton! I come to you from the Ben 10 wiki as well as the Avatar, Ben 10 fan fiction, Gravity Falls, Fairy Tail and others.

I see that many articles here are stubs and what not and I do hate to see wiki's in distress as so. Wow I sound arrogant. Sorry about that.

Anyways to the point I'd like to offer my help. Though I am really busy I feel I could offer this wiki some tremendous services as far as editing things like summaries and pictures and what not. While I am no good at creating and formating pages I do know how to get screenshots, upload pictures, upload summaries, descriptions, all of that stuff from previous wiki history.

I'd also love to discuss the show with anyone since I'm a loner at school, the only one who watches it, and have no one to talk to about it. This show is awesome and deserves much respect.

If there are any admin who regulate page edits or what not I could talk to please swing by my page and blog me please!

I'd love to help out around here and hope I can in anyway.

Oh, and a big shout out to the work you guys have already done!

I wouldn't know half the presidents from episode 22 without your help!

Thanks again! Arigatogozaimashisu!

Tell we meet again!


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