• Xanton

    So I have a stupid long title because I enjoy such things and references!


    But anways it's rude to just show up and not introduce yourself.

    KUNICHIHA! I am Xanton! I come to you from the Ben 10 wiki as well as the Avatar, Ben 10 fan fiction, Gravity Falls, Fairy Tail and others.

    I see that many articles here are stubs and what not and I do hate to see wiki's in distress as so. Wow I sound arrogant. Sorry about that.

    Anyways to the point I'd like to offer my help. Though I am really busy I feel I could offer this wiki some tremendous services as far as editing things like summaries and pictures and what not. While I am no good at creating and formating pages I do know how to get screenshots, upload pictures, upload summaries, descriptions, all …

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