Hello there~!!
My name is Keith Strife and despite my username (which I got from Bakugan and Strife FF7) I'm a female Kill La Fan.

I had been contributing a bit and for a while now in this Wiki. I thought I might make an introductory Blog Post to formally introduce myself. ^_^

My favorite characters are Senketsu, Houka (my first love in the series), Uzu and Aikuro.

For me, the best thing about Kill La Kill is that it totally revolutionized the Magic Girl genre which I grew up watching from childhood, teens and now, my adulthood. I believe this is the perfect anime series for me due to its diversified themes wherein there's something for every kind of Otaku that they can appreciate in the series ranging from Ecchi, Yuri, Yaoi, Bishoujo, Bishounen, Moe, Gar, etc.

I'm looking forward to building a Kill La Kill Shrine with the upcoming merchandise starting with Phat! Company Ryuko statuette.

Speaking of Magic Girl Genres, I made my favorite character~Senketsu cosplay as other Serafuku - Lookie ^_^;
Thanks for your time in reading this intro of mine.

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