Hello, everyone!

For a while now I have been considering making an adoption request for the Kill la Kill wiki as an administrator. It seems that there are quite a few more users here than when I first started editing, so I think it's just proper that I ask you guys your opinion on the matter.

I don't know if anyone else is interested in the post, so if anyone has any objections about it, please feel free to say so. I know Betsy17 has shown interest in being an admin as well, but he doesn't seem to have made an adoption request, and he hasn't edited the wiki since a month ago. (If you're Betsy and still want to be an admin, then by all means please say so!)

We do have quite a few good editors on this wiki, but I think it would be good to have an admin to help them. Being a particularly active member of the wiki and seeing that no one (besides Betsy17, of course) has shown interest in the post, I decided to candidate. I think I will be able to help keep the place organized and comfortable for everyone.

Everyone please feel free to check my contribution history. Thanks in advance! :)

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