Sorry for all of these repeat blog posts but, I feel like I should bring up the fact that we have a working live chat. I myself am more used to IMing with people than using the more forum-esque way of communication everyone so far has been using here. I feel like it would be easier to convey ideas/get to know each other better if we used the chat feature.

Of course everyone probably already knows this and a lot of the time there aren't many people on here at the same time which is probably why it's never/rarely used. But hey, whenever there's an edit war going on, or it's obvious multiple people are on here at the same time, it'd make more sense to use it ya know?

Also I'm on skype pretty much whenever I'm on the internet at all, I mainly use it for instant messaging, but if any of you have/use/want to add me on skype my username is bck00062.

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