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The Art of Kill la Kill Volume 1
The Art of KLK Vol.1


  • Amemiya Akira[1]
  • Imaishi Hiroyuki[1]
  • Koyama Shigeto[1]
  • Sushio[1]
  • Yoshinari You[1]


Cemetery Hills


30 December, 2014[1]


148 pages


The Art of Kill la Kill Volume 1, abbreviated as The Art of KLK Vol.1, is the first volume collection of initial conceptual design of the many characters, weapons, dresses, environments, and transformations seen throughout Kill la Kill. The content was split into four chapters with developers note on many of the pages.


The Beginning

Create The Kamui

Into KLK

Concept Art

Image Gallery

Main article: The Art of Kill la Kill Volume 1/Image Gallery


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