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This is a list of episodes for the Kill la Kill anime series directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima. The series uses four pieces of music: the first opening theme is Sirius by Eir Aoi, and the first ending theme is Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai by Miku Sawai. The second opening theme is Ambiguous by GARDiNELiA, and the second ending theme is Shin Sekai Kōkyōgaku by Sayonara Ponytail.

Episode list

No. Title Original Air Date
1 If Only I Had Thorns Like A Thistle...
Azami no Gotoku Toge Areba (あざみのごとく棘あれば)
October 3, 2013
2 So Sexy, I'm Gonna Faint
Kizetsu suru hodo Nayamashii (気絶するほど悩ましい)
October 10, 2013
3 Junketsu
Junketsu (純潔)
October 17, 2013
4 Dawn of a Miserable Morning
Totemo Fukō na Asa ga Kita (とても不幸な朝が来た)
October 24, 2013
5 Trigger
Jūtsume (Hikigane) (銃爪(ヒキガネ))
October 31, 2013
6 Don't Toy Me on a Whim
Kibunshidai de Semenai de (気分次第で責めないで)
November 7, 2013
7 A Loser I Can't Hate
Nikumi Kirenai Rokudenashi (憎みきれないろくでなし)
November 14, 2013
8 I'll Wipe My Own Tears
Ore no Nayami wa Ore ga Fuku (俺の悩みは俺が拭く)
November 21, 2013
9 A Once in a Lifetime Chance
Chansu wa Ichido (チャンスは一度)
November 28, 2013
10 I Want to Know More About You
Anata wo Motto Shiritakute (あなたをもっと知りたくて)
December 5, 2013
11 I'm Not Your Cute Woman
Kawaii Onna to Yobanai de (可愛い女と呼ばないで)
December 12, 2013
12 Spit Your Sadness Away
Kanashimi Ni Tsuba Wo Kakero (悲しみにつばをかけろ)
December 19, 2013
13 Crazy for You
Kimi Ni Barabara... To Iu Kanji (君に薔薇薔薇...という感じ)
January 9, 2014
14 Ride Like the Wind
Isoge Kaze No Yō Ni (急げ風のように)
January 16, 2014
15 Don't Stop Me Now
Dōnimo Tomaranai (どうにもとまらない)
January 23, 2014
16 The Girl Can't Help It
Onna wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai (女はそれを我慢できない)
January 30, 2014
17 Tell Me Why
Naze Ni Omae Wa (何故にお前は)
February 6, 2014
18 Into the Night
Yoru e Isogu Hito (夜へ急ぐ人)
February 13, 2014
19 Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
Tadoritsuitara Itsumo Amefuri (たどりついたらいつも雨ふり)
February 20, 2014
20 Far From the Madding Crowd
Tōku Gunshū o Hanarete (とおく群衆を離れて)
February 27, 2014
21 Incomplete
Mikansei (未完成)
March 6, 2014
22 Tell Me How You Feel
Kuchibiru yo, Atsuku Kimi wo Katare (唇よ、熱く君を語れ)
March 13, 2014
23 Imitation Gold
Imiteishon Gōrudo (イミテイション・ゴールド)
March 20, 2014
24 Past the Infinite Darkness
Hateshinaki Yami no Kanata ni (果てしなき闇の彼方に)
March 27, 2014
25 Goodbye Once Again
Sayonara Mō Ichido (さよならをもう一度)
September 3, 2014

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