Ride Like the Wind
Episode 14
Kanji 急げ風のように
Rōmaji Isoge Kaze No Yō Ni
Air Date January 16, 2014 (Japan), May 9, 2015 (Toonami)
Opening Sirius
Ending Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai. by Miku Sawai
Episode 13
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Episode 15

"Ride Like the Wind" is the 14th episode of Kill la Kill.


Awakening in Aikurō Mikisugi's hideout, Ryūko Matoi discovers Senketsu's consciousness still lives in the scarf that she managed to hold onto. After learning what had happened to his other pieces, Ryūko heads towards the Kansai region, where Satsuki Kiryūin has begun the Tri-City Schools Raid Trip. As the Elite Four attack the main schools in the tri-city area, Ryūko interrupts each of their raids and recovers the scraps that had been given to some of the students to increase their power before heading to her next destination, eventually reuniting with Mako Mankanshoku in Ōsaka. With nearly all of Senketsu's pieces gathered, Ryūko prepares to face Satsuki, who possesses the final piece.





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