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Aizenbō Fuguhara
河豚原 愛善坊 / ふぐはら あいぜんぼう
Fuguhara Aizenbō
Aizenbo Fuguhara
• Characteristics•
Race Human
Gender ♀ Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
• Professional information•
Affiliation Honnōji Academy
Rank Two-Star (current)
Uniform Two-Star (current)
Weapon Ping pong racket and balls
• Personal information•
Status Alive
Allies Student Council
Enemies Ragyō Kiryūin
Nui Harime
• First appearance•
Anime Episode 7
• Voice actors•
Japanese Saki Nitta

Aizenbō Fuguhara is the president of the Ping Pong club.


Aizenbo is seen with a Two-Star Goku Uniform. She has dark brown hair and green eyes. Like Omiko Hakodate, she has shark-like teeth. She also has three small lines protruding from her each of her pupils.



In an attempt to obtain the reward of a Three-Star Goku Uniform, Aizenbō attempted to take on Ryūko Matoi, but hopelessly lost.

She makes a brief appearance in episode 22, after being extracted from within a COVERS. She then appears in the next episode, powering the Naked Sun's turbines with Mako Mankanshoku and the other club leaders.


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